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  Chi Square Test (X²) Part l Click Here
  How to Make Case Study Click Here
  Break Even Point Analysis (7 Practical Questions) Part ll Click Here
  Master of Arts-Police Administration Case Study-Example Human Traffickin.
  Human Resource study Marterial
  HRM basic notes
  Job Satisfactions
  Organisational Behavior
  Organizational Change
  Orgnisational Conflic
  MBA Marketing Management Full Notes
  Research Ask Yourself Online Lecture by Prof D K Verma 13 April 2020
  Weblecture pdf 1 22 march 2020
  Weblecture pdf 02 How to prepare and Present a Seminar DKV
  weblecture ppt reliability dkv
  Correlation Coefficient (Part I)
  Correlation Coefficient (Part ll)
  Break Even Point (Cost Profit Volume Analysis)( Part l )
  Regression Analysis/ Equation (Part I)
  Regression Analysis/Equation (part 2)
  Ratio of Variance only in 9 minutes
  चुटकियों में सीखें फाइनल अकाउंट (पार्ट-1)
  Financial a/c (cash book ) VISHAL PUROHIT mb 9303225368
  Information Services 1
  Information Services 2
  Information Services 3
  Information Services 4
  Information Services 5
  Public Library Systems 1
  Public Library Systems 2
  Resource Sharing