विश्वविद्यालय का नारा: “हार्दिक विकास एवं आर्थिक विकास”

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Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University of Social Sciences, dedicated to the memory and ideals of Bharat Ratna

July August 2019 Result
B.A. Second Semester
B.A. Second Year
B.A. Sixth Semester
M.A. (Defence & Strategic Studies) IVth Sem.
M.A. (ATKT) Ist Semester
M.A. (Philosophy) IInd Semester
M.A. (Political Science) IInd Semester
M.A. (Psychology) IVth Semester
M.A. (Sociology) IInd Semester
M.S.W. IInd Semester
M.Sc. (Ag.) (Agricultural Extension Education) IInd Sem.
MSW (Social Work) IVth Sem.
PGDCA (IInd Semester )
M.A. POLICE ADM. Ist Sem.P.No. 1
M.A. POLICE ADM. Ist Sem. P.No. 2
M.A. POLICE ADM. Ist Sem. P.No. 3